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18th-Jul-2013 03:04 am - Hello
Hello :)

I am a Black American female, that is very interested in men of different races. I'm 17 and finding this community boosts my confidence in my interest. I look forward to being able to meet other people on in this community. White and black. :)
29th-Jan-2012 09:51 pm - new
hey everyone..I'm kinda new..this community seems appropriate for me :) so hope I get friends I'm black F 22

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Well, I have an update for you all. I met my current boyfriend on a site called imvu. Since then we've been dating for 5 1/2 months and we've known each other for about 7 months.

I've been rather depressed that he's not here with me, but he said that he's going to move up here in the spring that's when he'll be coming up here again. I live in MN and he lives in North Carolina. That's 17 hours drive, and he's done it not once but twice! And my family likes him so far.

That last picture was before he left,  if you look closely, you'll notice that I'm crying.
30th-Nov-2007 11:08 pm(no subject)
I'm curious about how common it is for black women to like white guys. The fact that there's a community for it seems to indicate that it's more common than I thought, but I've never talked with a black woman about this subject before (it's a thought that's never even occurred to me). My first kiss was with a black girl. I've since dated a Brazilian girl and a white Jew, like myself. Personally, I've always been very attracted to black women, and I've met a few who seem to have been attracted to me.

I recently joined a Facebook community dedicated to black women at USF with the same question, but that was before I found this community. I'm a 20 year old Philosophy major and Computer Science major at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I make frequent trips to Lakeland, where my family lives, and Fort Lauderdale, where I grew up.

I don't want this to sound like a personal ad or anything, (since I know a lot of communities disprove of that sort've thing) but I'm interested in talking with any black women who'd be interested. I'm just as much interested though, as a former student of sociology, in the dynamics or interracial relationships when the woman is black and the man is white.
We are a happily married interracial couple consisting of a BF and a WM,we have a blog about our travels and our life together.We still see how people still get shocked at the presence of an Interracial Couple.        What time period do we live in,are we back in the late 60's when interracial  marriage was against the law? We're in a whole new century and it makes one think,How far have we come?
We don't let it get to us,we have fun with it.And provoke more looks,lol. Sometimes we'll walk by them(the Starers,you know the people that have their eyes glued to you with their mouth hung wide open in disbelief)"take a picture it lasts longer".
If it's love,It knows no color.
Check out our blog as well
2nd-Nov-2007 01:04 pm - New here
april 23, 2011
my name is Vicki 
I'm single and I don't want to be,
I want to be barefoot and pregnant, tending to my husbands every need

anyone got any advice? 
15th-Feb-2007 09:23 am - Greetings
I joined this community this morning. I've been sitting here reading through the various posts, and I've read some very interesting things.

I'm twenty-six. I'm a black female. I love to think. I love to read. I love people who actually have opinions on things. I love to smile. I've dated black men and a couple Africans, but my interest has always swayed towards white men.

Presently, I work with international students on the campus of a university in the state of Georgia. I'm a writer. I always have been, and I probably always will be. It is one of the things that define who I am. I've written articles for a local newspaper, and I was blessed at one time to write for and appear on a campus television program that I was allowed to create. I'm not being paid to write at the moment, but I do dabble in the Smallville fandom from time to time. Here's a sample of some of my most recent stuff: http://lexophilia.livejournal.com/5072.html#cutid1 I think my userpic tells all that needs to be said about my fannish pursuits.

I'm a nerd. I always have been, and I always will be. I'm absolutely addicted to all things Superman. I love acting and actors. I've been in several plays. I love movies, and I'm completely fascinated with the movie making process. I'm back in school now and trying to find out a little bit more about who I am. I feel like I should say more, but that appears to be all that I have for now. This seems like a very nice community, and I look forward to meeting some of you.
16th-Jan-2007 05:23 pm - For the single moms
New year, new romance:


Best of luck everyone!
29th-Nov-2006 09:33 pm - Transnational Interracial Marriages
I was very happy to find this community for many reasons. I'm just here to introduce myself, and hopefully meet some people who I can chat with from time to time. I think you might find my story a tad bit interesting. Let me give you a bit of my background:

I'm a 25 year old male who is currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa. I have been here for about 15 months and have fallen helplessly in love with a Ghanaian girl. She is almost 20 and, because of her economic and social background, is illiterate and uneducated. This makes our relationship superficially unbalanced and unegalitarian. But we are totally, deeply in love. We never run out of things to talk about, laugh like children, and are deeply and swooningly attracted to each other. In fact, we are going to get married within the next year and begin the process of getting her residency in the United States. This isn't something that is too uncommon among Peace Corps Volunteers, but it also isn't run-of-the-mill.

My question for you folks is: how do you think a rural African girl (with a deep black complexion) will be received in the U.S who is married to a white man? She is learning to read and is going back to school (I am sending her to an intensive private school), so hopefully she'll be almost totally literate by the time she gets there. As someone who was mostly sheltered from racial issues during my upbringing (in San Diego) I don't know what to expect from my fellow Americans. Is this going to be accepted or is it going to be challenged? In the end, our love will pull us through and I know we will overcome our obstacles, but do you have any advice that may potentially help us discuss our relationship in this trans-national interracial context?

Jeeze, it sounds so complicated now that I've written it down.
28th-Oct-2006 02:46 pm - New here
Animorphs couple
And taking a GREAT big leap of faith.

For the record, I am a 36yo BF, Christian (Methodist) single mother of two. We make our home in Northern Virginia.

That's all I've got unless you would like to know more. I invite you to friend me if you are so inclined.

Also, does anyone else besides me think Michael C. Hall is the sexiest man on planet Earth these days? 

29th-Jul-2006 06:02 am - Hottest celebrity/musician?
Ok. Another topic. Black girls, who is the hottest white male celebrity/musician? White men, who is the hottest black female celebrity/musician?

I would have to say...

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

Yeah, hes pretty freakin' hot.
27th-Jul-2006 08:47 pm(no subject)
Hmm I don't know if anyone has made this topic before, but this community seems pretty dead, so I'll ask it anyway.

What do you think is the best interracial movie?

In my opinion, I think 28 Days Later is by far the best interracial movie ever. Hot ass white boy with a british accent, sexy independent black girl, and raging mad infected people? Mhmm.
25th-Jul-2006 09:43 pm(no subject)
Ello. My name is Courtney, but you may call me Cow... And, well, I have white boy fever lol. I'm a 17 year old black girl, by the way. I only fooled around with one white boy though which was teh shit and I hope to do it again :D So, yeah, that's for creating this community.
8th-Jul-2006 11:42 pm - Wonderful site...
Hello, all! I just stumbled across this community and it is pretty cool. I am a successful, professional 31-y/o black female who is very much attracted to white men (although I do love my brothers, you tend to become attracted to who you are mostly around)...unfortunately, where I live, the idea of black women and white men together is still a rare thing. I have dated white guys before...i'm currently single and looking for a single, cool WM to chat with. If interested, drop me a line on my journal...
7th-Jul-2006 11:48 am(no subject)
girl apple
Hi everyone. I'm looking to meet some interracial couples.
Just looking for some mature people to relate to.
I don't really know any and I thought this would be the best place to go.

Seems like mostly everyone here is single.

About me:

I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 27. We live together. We've been together for a year and 7 months.

If anyone know of any communities that are solely for the interracial couples that I may have missed please let me know.
6th-Jul-2006 08:50 am - add me!
my manga
i hope im allowed to do this here...

my name is leslie...i use to be moless2001 but i have switched screen names...basically cause i needed a change...

im a 24 years old black female, currently residing in las vegas, nv, trying like hell to get out! i hate it here!!

i dunno i write about my dysfunctional family...my nonexistent relationships...my disappointing friendships...my hellish jobs... etc...

im interesting. i swear...i talk about sex & masturbation A LOT...

i make jokes about God, but i believe im just not religious...

im open minded & i love everyone...

im looking for new friends on lj, as well as in life...

if you like me add me...thanx!
11th-May-2006 06:06 pm - Hi everyone
I've been looking for lots of communities like this! Man, I'm glad I found one, lol. Anyways, I'm new, and my name is Jacqueline...but you all can call me Jackie. I'm 16, but I'm in college (if your wondering how, just ask =D)and I'm majoring in Advertising and minoring in Public Relations (communications). My last few b/fs were white, and the reason why is because I'm obsessed, lol. Especially guys with long hair =P. I play bass guitar, and I listen to alot of different types of music. Mostly rock and alternative. I really love meeting people...and my passion is making people happy. But anyways, so I'm really glad that I found this community and I hope to meet alot of you all very soon. If you like, you can email me at cutekatd@hotmail.com, and I'll be glad to talk to you.

1st-May-2006 09:41 pm(no subject)
Hey yall I entered in to this contest and I really want to win so vote for me!!!!


I would really appericate it...oh vote as many times as you want!!!
14th-Apr-2006 08:06 pm - Discussion Community
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ALL races/ethnicies/sexual orientations/lifestyles/religions/etc are welcome!

31st-Mar-2006 08:44 am - New here
Well, I sort of stumbled on this page. This is definitely a subject that I have an interest in. While I am married, I have always had a strong attraction to black women and have had several relationships in the past.

Hope to meet some people with similar interests....
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