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Black Women & White Men

Community for BW & WM to chat & meet.

Community for BW & WM to chat & meet.
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BFs & WMs MySpace Commmunity

This is a community, meeting place, and support group for serious, lighthearted, romantic, educational, intellectual, friendly discussion involving individuals who are in IR relationships or are open to IR dating.

Heated Debates are also allowed but maturity must be present.

All ethnicities are welcome to join, but there will be no bashing of BW and WM for their dating preferences by others because this is a special interest community and it's designed for those who have either inclusive or exclusive interests in IR dating. Participation is ideal and encouraged.

Members -must- be 18 or over.

You must apply for membership and register a screen name.

ALL races/ethnicies/sexual orientations/lifestyles/religions/etc are welcome!